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The Ecommerce Video Marketing Agency Committed to Boosting Your Bottom Line

Bornsort is a top ecommerce agency that designs successful tailor-made ads for ecommerce clients like Medis, Swingy, and Megasplet.

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Video marketing

Data-Driven Ecommerce Video Ads to Increase Revenue

We excel at understanding the short attention spans and intricate psychology of today’s consumers, making us the ideal choice for your advertising needs.

Video marketing is our specialty, and here’s why it’s crucial for e-commerce: it captures attention, tells compelling stories, educates, optimizes for mobile, and, most importantly, boosts conversion rates.

When you collaborate with Bornshort, you gain access to our expertise in crafting videos that engage, persuade, and drive results, ensuring your business thrives in the competitive e-commerce arena. Elevate your advertising strategy – choose us as your video marketing partner today.

Our Workflow

How do we deliver such successful creatives?

We are really focused on the quality of the videos we produce for our clients, which is why we have a limited number of clients we work with.

We start with the choice of actors and backgrounds for your ads, as this is very important when presenting the product.

We make sure we create unique scroll-stoppers because that’s the only way to stop the viewer really quickly and take them further.

We finish the video in the editing. There we mix the frames. And not something without a head and a tail, but everything according to the principles of human psychology. Each frame has a meaning, as does its duration.

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When do I need to hire an ecommerce marketing agency?

The benefits of hiring an ecommerce marketing agency vs. an in-house team

How are you different from other ecommerce video marketing agencies?

Most notably, we’re not pitching the same plan to every potential client who reaches out to us. We custom-build highly effective videos for every ecommerce company that works with us.

We’re also selective about the partnerships we forge. We’re looking for clients who buy into our business model and are committed to a meaningful, results-driven, long-term relationship.

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